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Who we Are

The beauty of our expertise is in the humble background of the star of the Land

Land Star Hotel derives its name from the celestial beauty of the stars in the night sky, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to providing enchanting and unforgettable experiences. Established in 2011, we officially welcomed our first guests in August 2016, inaugurating our journey in the heart of Uganda, situated in the East African Region. Committed to excellence, we are a fully registered legal entity, diligently adhering to the regulations and standards that define the hospitality sector. At the core of our operations is a proficient and dedicated team rigorously trained to deliver quality services.


To provide unmatched and personalized customer experience that consistently exceeds individual expectations while simultaneously igniting lasting inspiration.


Our mission is threefold:

  • To deliver superior standards that yield maximum returns on investments for our stakeholders.
  • To establish Land Star Hotel as the premier destination for meaningful encounters, successful business achievements, enjoyable gatherings, and sustainable customer experiences.
  • To nurture, inspire, and empower our, fostering a culture of excellence and preparing them for leadership roles within the hospitality industry.

Strategic Objectives

1. Elevate Hotel Standards

Uphold the highest standards in all aspects of Land Star Hotel operations to enhance customer satisfaction, maximize profitability, and optimize revenue.

2. Continuous Services Enhancement

Pursue a path of continuous improvement for Land Star Hotel services by leveraging customer feedback, fostering innovation, and staying attuned to evolving trends in the hospitality industry.

3. Employee Well-being and Excellence

Foster employee satisfaction and retention through the creation of a positive work environment, comprehensive training, and ongoing staff development opportunities aimed at enhancing operation efficiency.

4. Strategic Partnerships and Sustainability

Cultivate strategic partnerships to champion environmental sustainability and collaborate with other stakeholders in the hospitality sector to expand service offerings for and drive revenue growth.

Our Values

We commit to consistently delivering our best, relentlessly seeking growth opportunities, employing the most effective tools, ensuring operational efficiency, meeting customer needs, and prioritizing team satisfaction.

We steadfastly uphold uncompromising ethical and legal standards in our services and interactions with our guests and communities.

We acknowledge, embrace, and cherish the unique qualities of others and their rights. We foster an environment of tolerance, demonstrating empathy, and respecting differences, which defines our self-worth.  

  • We continuously generate and implement fresh ideas, emphasizing sustainability, optimizing existing resources, and proposing novel products, services, and procedures. This commitment drives our teams’ growth and success while enhancing customer satisfaction.

We remain agile and responsive, consistently adjusting to the evolving demands, approaches, and market trends within the competitive hospitality industry.

As a team, we bring our expertise, creativity, and unwavering passion to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

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