Land Star Hotel Uganda


Single Deluxe Room

Our Single deluxe Rooms are elegant and spacious for business travelers and Leisure travelers, The room features a super single soft bed with a medium birth room fitted with hot water. Single deluxe room comes with breakfast, Sauna, Steam and gym. It gives the comfort a client deserves.

Executive / Super Deluxe

Our Executive rooms are spacious and designed to create a relaxed environment. They are fit for both luxury and business travelers. They feature a well-spaced birth room with hot water and a beautiful balcony that provides a good view, the rooms come with a tasty breakfast, Sauna, Steam, Gym and a flat screen. WIFI is …

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Twin Deluxe

Our Cozy and Spacious twin deluxe rooms have two soft beds that gives you the comfort you require. They have a large birth room fitted with hot water, this beautiful room comes with a flat screen, Breakfast, WIFI, Steam, Sauna and Gym. While at the facility you experience a homely welcome with our receptionist team.

Double Deluxe

Our precious double rooms have one soft bed that gives you the comfort you require. The room features a flat screen, Bathroom with hot water, WIFI, and it comes with Breakfast, Sauna, Steam and gym. It also come with a view of the balcony.

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